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Aneek Intesar Ahmed
Managing Director
Managing Director's Message
The Bonanza Group of Companies is best described as a number of entities operating in differing fields bound in a close knit manner through a unified ethos of proper business ideals and compliance. Without the obvious factor of common ownership, our companies can be defined by the manner in which they operate be it in the varied fields of international HR outsourcing, real estate, IT, Medical Services, Travel and Tourism or even equities brokerage services. Based primarily in Bangladesh, we have operations in the UK, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Singapore and Nepal.

As the Managing Director of the group, I feel it is an immense honour and privilege to chart the path of this company. Growth, but in a more qualified statement sustainable growth is the watchword by which I make any decisions related to the company.

At present, we operate in the following fields:
• International HR outsourcing- Bonanza Overseas
• Travel and Tourism- Bonanza Travels Ltd
• Real Estate Development (Bangladesh) – Lameek Development Ltd.
• Real Estate Development (UK) – AI Capital (UK) Ltd.
• Real Estate Secondary Market (Bangladesh) – Lameek Enterprise Ltd.
• IT and Software – AI Ventures IT.
• Stock Brokerage and Advisory- 3ACO LTD (3A and Company Ltd)
• Investment Advisory and Venture Capital- AI Ventures
• Medical and Healthcare Services- Pulse Medical Ltd.

With such a varied portfolio of products we find ourselves in a unique position to determine complementary activities intra industry and develop synergies therein. After 30 years of active business and the experiences culminated from these decades of service our team of professionals are continually honing their abilities to better serve our stakeholders.

I have had the privilege of being at the helm of this enterprise from 2006 and in my short time have had the chance to learn re learn and implement. Today we are at the cusp of a brave new age of global competition with infinite correlations and permutations between marketplaces and consumers.

Business is complex, smart business means that we take care of the complexities for our stakeholders and make it simple. Whether you book a holiday with us, or buy a property, or are looking for a career jump start, or invest your portfolio with us we will make the complex simple. Hence our mantra :- ‘Smart Simple Solutions for all.’

Here’s to the brave new future...

Aneek Intesar Ahmed

House # 10/B, Road # 103, Gulshan-2, Dhaka - 1212
Tel: +88 02 8881118, 8881382, Fax: +88 02 8881658, Email: info@bonanza-group.net
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